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About Us

UK Soccer Academy (UKSA) provides pro-academy standard football coaching for both boy and girl youth Outfield players and Goalkeepers , aged 6 to 16 years. Our highly experienced Academy lead coaches are all F.A. / UEFA qualified, members of the FA Licenced Coaches Association, fully insured and Enhanced CRB checked.

We operate an Academy membership programme where player members receive:

  • 35 x 1.5 hour weekly evening training sessions per annum (during school term)
  • 8 x full-day holiday training sessions (school half-term and summer holidays)
  • 2 x 4 hour Sport Science testing sessions per annum (school half-term or summer holidays)
  • Elite players only also receive two additional full-day team gameplay and tactical training sessions per annum.

Our primary focus is on the development of individual player skill and technique, ball mastery and small-sided gameplay. Developing skilful, two-footed players with the ability to take on opponents and win 1 v 1 situations is the cornerstone of what we deliver. We believe that these components form the foundation for potentially high levels of player performance in team play situations.

Our sessions are fast moving, technically and physically challenging but above all FUN! Young players simply don't commit to things that they don't enjoy, so we always maintain that balance of hard work and fun. We have many players that have trained with us continually for years!

Apart from developing their football skills, parents and players report that their social skills, circle of friends, physical conditioning, mental well-being and general health are all positively impacted by being an UKSA member.

UK Soccer Academy Venues

We have high-quality venues in Norfolk (Norwich) and Suffolk (Lowestoft) with floodlit 3 & 4G pitches and clubhouse facilities, providing a quality experience for both players and parents/guardians.

Our main Norwich venue is : Goals 5-a-Side Centre, Hewett School, Hall Road, Norwich, NR1 2GB

Our Lowestoft venue is: Barnards Meadow. Barnards Way. Lowestoft. Suffolk, NR32 2HF

Who can Join?

The UK Soccer Academy is open to all players aged 6 to 16 years, of all abilities. We have three divisions within the Academy:

  • Development
  • Advanced
  • Elite

This enables us to cater for a wide range of abilities. Our members range from development players who simply want to play better football, get picked for school and club football teams; advanced, more experienced players that wish to develop their skills further; through to elite players that have already secured places in pro-club Player Development Centres, Centres of Excellence or have been released from pro-club academies and wish to maintain a high standard of regular weekly coaching.

All three divisions follow exactly the same season curriculum and weekly session plans; they just perform to their individual maximum capabilities alongside Academy team mates that are of a similar ability, to foster their maximum development potential. Players are coached to progress through the divisions as their developing abilities allow.

We maintain high levels of respect and discipline between players and between players and coaches. It is expected that players conduct themselves as if in a pro-club academy environment as our aim is to assist those, that so desire, to reach pro-club academy standards, and know how to conduct themselves, should they achieve that aim.

Can the player still play for their school and club?

Yes, most certainly - unlike pro-club academies we allow and indeed encourage players to play for their club and school and to have fun with their friends and team mates. Support of school and club teams is a vital aspect of our Academy philosophy.

What about if they are already involved with other pro-club elite development programmes?

We also have many players that are in pro-club Player Development Centres and Centres of Excellence or similar, who see UKSA as a means of increasing their exposure to pro-academy standards of coaching - to help boost their progress to possible pro-academy selection. These players know that they are in competition with existing pro-club academy players who are having multiple academy training sessions per week and playing in high-level academy fixtures at the weekend. They are anxious not to fall too far behind these academy players!

Membership Fees

We operate a monthly membership programme as follows:

  • Development and Advanced - £39.00pm
  • Elite - £49.00pm

Elite players receive two additional full day team and tactical training sessions per annum and are most likely to be first chosen, alongside upper-advanced players, for occasional pro-club fixtures, tournaments and events we organise from time to time.

Selection for each division is made by an assessment of a players starting ability on joining the Academy and re-assessed on a continual basis. Players are invited to join the Elite division when it is felt their abilities have reached that standard.

Membership Kit

All players are expected to purchase the UK Soccer Academy training kit (Outfield or Goalkeeper, as appropriate) as part of their membership, upon joining the Academy.

Membership Kit Cost - £65.00

(Delivered free to session or optional postage fee payable if posted to home address)

Our FREE TRIAL facility

We offer regular FREE TRIALS to all players who would like to join the Academy. Parents pre-register their children for a free trial at their nearest UKSA venue and then the players attend a real 1.5hr Academy session for their specific football year group. This enables them to have first-hand experience of a real Academy training session and decide if it is what they are looking for. It is important to understand that the players are trialling UKSA and not us trialling THEM! Their current football ability, within reason, is irrelevant. We simply assess the best starting point for them, should they wish to join - but the vital component is that they want to join us. They are under no obligation whatsoever.

Please Click Book Next To Your Desired Trial

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Book a trial

Our free trial facility offers prospective players the opportunity to participate in an actual 1.5hr Academy training session, appropriate to their age to gain a full insight as to what training within the Academy is actually like!

To request your free trial, please select the correct football age group (U8, U11, U12 etc) for the player that will attend the trial. Then select your preferred trial venue (such as Goals, Norwich or Barnards Meadow, Lowestoft) and the date and time that is most convenient. Then please complete the Parent (Guardian) details and also the Player details sections. Then select the button to submit those details online. We will then check the availability of that trial space and send you confirmation by email together with all the other details you will require, usually within 24 hours.

When your trial is completed we will send you an Academy offer letter that provides full details of UK Soccer Academy membership, so that parents/guardians and players can decide whether they wish to join the Academy. The offer letter also provides details of the date, time, venue of the first session the trialling player should attend, should they decide to join the Academy.

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Course Title (see courses)

Parent / Guardian



Terms & Conditions

By registering as a clinic member with UK Soccer Academy, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Data Protection Statement & Consent

The information and data which is provided within this registration form will be held on the computers and manual records of, and may be used by UK Soccer Academy and any other companies including affiliates, and official suppliers to the aforesaid companies. This does not include any details relating to credit or debit card transactions which are not kept on our records. The companies may inform you from time to time by email, telephone, or mail of relevant news, information & services and products offered by any of them which they believe may interest you.


UK Soccer Academy reserves the right to cancel any of its clinics at any time but will endeavour to give at least 48 hours of notice, prior to the event.

You agree to indemnify, defend and hold UK Soccer Academy and all their associated companies and their directors, employees, information providers, licensors and licensees, officers, partners, sponsors and suppliers (collectively, indemnified parties) harmless from and against any and all liability and costs (including, without limitation, legal fees and costs) incurred by the indemnified parties in connection with any claim arising out of any breach by you of these terms and conditions of use.

Official UK Soccer Academy photographs and video may be requested to be taken of registered children on any of our clinics. These pictures and videos may be used, reproduced and/or published in UK Soccer Academy publications including magazines, DVD's, news reports and on social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Official UK Soccer Academy photographs and video can also be used by any of our official partners.

I authorise UK Soccer Academy staff to administer or approve any medical treatment deemed necessary to the participant. I agree to UK Soccer Academy reserving the right to remove any disruptive participants or parents/guardians from the clinic and/or venue and that none of the parties involved with the organisation and the promotion of clinics can accept any responsibility or liability for personal injury of participants, or loss/damage to personal effects or property.

Conditions of Enrolment

Confirmation of Enrolment will be forwarded to a clinic member on receipt of an application form, which must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Payment of fee will be subject to a clinic member's acceptance of these conditions of enrolment.

The clinic member agrees to abide by all policies implemented by UK Soccer Academy.

Refund Policy

Please note that this refund policy does NOT apply to UK Soccer Academy membership, please see the UK Soccer Academy membership cancellation section for more information.

  • You may cancel your booking without any charge within 7 working days of you placing your order provided the course has not already started.

  • Unless condition 1 applies, no refund can be given for cancellations received:

    1. For player development courses, less than 4 weeks prior to the date of the relevant course; or

    2. For residential courses, less than 6 weeks prior to the date of the relevant course.

For cancellations made in accordance with condition 2, a full refund is available subject, in the case of player development courses, to a £10 administration charge and, in the case of residential courses, a £25 administrative charge. Please note that a booking can be transferred to another eligible person without charge.

All courses, activities, venues and travel arrangements are subject to change according to weather, venue availability, satisfactory level of participants or other factors beyond our control. As such, we may cancel or change any courses, should this be necessary for these reasons. If we do have to cancel a course we will offer an alternative course (if available and suitable) or a full refund but we shall not have any other liability to you.

You are responsible for arranging and paying for suitable insurance to cover any injury or illness to the participant as, unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund under these circumstances.

For the avoidance of doubt, no refund is permitted for participant's failure to attend the course or if the participant is unable to obtain any necessary travel visas.

UK Soccer Academy Membership

By registering as a UK Soccer Academy member, you agree to a minimum booking period of 2 consecutive months at the following monthly rates from your registration date:

  • Development / Advanced / Goalkeeping - £39 per month
  • Elite - £49 per month

This payment will be taken each month in full, irrespective of the member's attendance.

Direct Debit payments for the UK Soccer Academy will be taken in advance on the 1st of each month. If this monthly payment is declined at any stage during your membership, there is a 7-day period from this date for the payment to be made in cash, by cheque or credit/debit card.

All new players must purchase the following membership kit packages upon joining:

Standard Membership Kit - £65.00 (free delivery to session venue or plus P & P if posted to your requested address. There is a specific membership kit for outfield and goalkeeper UK Soccer Academy members and members should order the appropriate kit for the training type for which they are registered.

If your child cannot attend a UK Soccer Academy session you are required to inform us in advance by Email, Telephone or SMS message.

UK Soccer Academy Membership Cancellation

Cancellation on a UK Soccer Academy member's part must be given in writing and will only be terminated when the next month's payment from the cancellation date has been taken.

If a member sustains what is deemed, by our medical professionals, to be a long term injury we will consider the situation on a case by case basis with relation to postponing or cancelling a membership which has not yet served the minimum 2 consecutive month minimum agreement.

Professional Club Recruitment

All UK Soccer Academy players are obligated to inform us of any approaches that are made to them by representatives of professional football clubs or organisations. This must be completed in advance of any agreement to participate in any trials that may be offered by the aforesaid entities.

UK Soccer Academy reserve the right to provide our Partner Professional club(s) with first priority on any player registered to the UK Soccer Academy programme.

UK Soccer Academy Training Kit

No additional branding is permitted to be added to the UK Soccer Academy training kit, this includes names, numbers, initials, logos or any other items of this nature that are in addition to those included with the officially branded and personalised kit.

Return of kit will not be possible once the kit has been distributed after a fitting session.

UK Soccer Academy Holiday Clinics & Sport Science Testing Programme Booking

Places for UK Soccer Academy Holiday Clinics & Sport Science Testing Programme must be booked a minimum of 7-days before the start date of each clinic.

The auto email that is generated on booking must be presented on arrival at your holiday clinic venue.

No admittance will be granted to a holiday clinic without the auto email as highlighted above.

If a place is booked in advance and your child cannot attend the clinic or test, you are required to inform us by Email, Telephone or SMS message. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a one day holiday clinic suspension.

Sport Science Testing Consultation Disclaimer

Members of UK Soccer Academy coaching staff overseen by UK Soccer Academys Director and Head of Sport Science, Graham Hinton BSc.(Hons), will carry out a series of fitness tests to measure each player's ability to perform a variety of football specific tests. This will take place throughout the UK Soccer Academy year (you will be told by UK Soccer Academy which session your child needs to attend). The purpose of this is to allow UK Soccer Academy to monitor and evaluate individual player development and personalise training programmes based on your child's individual response to each test and to help develop your child to their full potential as a football player.

Participation in this consultation will involve:

All tests outlined below will be conducted whilst each child is wearing full football kit, in the presence of CRB checked coaches and investigators as well as other children. Parents are also welcome to be present throughout testing.

Body measurements:

  • Height and body mass will be measured and body mass index (BMI) calculated.
  • Body fat will be measured at multiple sites with skinfold callipers and percentage body fat will be estimated using an equation specific to children and adolescents.
  • The circumference of the forearm will also be measured as an indicator of whole body muscle mass

Fitness tests

  • Lower body strength test (standing broad jump)
  • Upper body strength test (medicine ball chest push)
  • Core stability/ balance/ co-ordination (alternate single leg balance test)
  • Agility L test (assesses a player's skill and abilities to stop, start and change direction rapidly in a controlled manner)
  • Speed (5m, 15m and 20m sprints; best of three attempts) Athletes will run over a 20 m course in a straight line and split times for 5, 10 and 20 metres will be recorded.
  • Repeated sprint tests for testing speed endurance ( 4 x 20m with minimal recovery interval)
  • 50m/200m run drop-off tests  to determine degree of drop-off of 200m run time compared to 50m run time
  • Other sport science tests may be added to this list occasionally for specific reasons, research purposes, or to test the viability of tests that may be under consideration for regular inclusion in our battery of test. Additional tests may be added permanently at some point in the future.

Medical Conditions

You are required to inform UK Soccer Academy of any medical conditions your child may haver or incur.

Foreseeable risks or discomfort

It is possible that your child may experience some mild muscle soreness due to unaccustomed exercise tests. Such mild muscle soreness (aching symptoms) may last for 2-3 days after participating in the tests. An appropriate warm up will be included in the sessions to reduce the likeliness of this occurring.

Benefits to the subject of participation

Your child's involvement in this sport science testing programme is voluntary but will provide many benefits, such as assisting UK Soccer Academy with the development of a personalised football training programme for your child. An individual report will be written for your child by members of UK Soccer Academys Departmentt of Sport and Exercise Science.

You will be able to track your Childs progress throughout the year (2 regular sessions per annum will be arranged by UK Soccer Academy and published in the Academy Calendar) via their individual Sport Science Testing results report, which will be provided a few weeks after day of testing. You will also be able to compare your childs results to the average values (age specific) obtained from the group of children who participated in the testing session (of the same age) as well as published normative values, where such data is available.

What will happen to your data

Data/ Results will only be seen by the individuals involved with the testing on the day of the tests. Thereafter UK Soccer Academy Dept of Sport Science will be collating the data and calculating body composition/ age-group averages and will write an individual report for your child. The data will be passed onto the participants when the results have been collated and the individual reports written, this should typically take 3 to 4 weeks following the testing session.

The data may also be used for research purposes and/or published in scientific works, but your child's name or identity will never be revealed. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the data analysis and storage process e.g. each child will be allocated with a number instead of using their name at all times. All data will be locked away in a secure filing cabinet and/ or coded electronic files.

If you have any questions or queries please contact UK Soccer Academys Head of Sport Science and Academy Director Graham Hinton on: 01603 670 680 or via email to: graham.hinton@uksocceracademy.co.uk. Likewise, if you have any questions about your child's rights as a participant or feel your child has been placed at risk you can contact Graham Hinton via the same contact methods.

I confirm that I have read the above information. The nature, demands and risks of the testing and research exercise have been explained to me. I have been informed that there will be no benefits/ payments to my child for participation.

I understand any risks involved and that I may withdraw my consent and discontinue participation at any time without having to give a reason.

Open Access Clinics

Payment in full must be received prior to the attendance of any clinic.

Places on all clinics are limited.

Applications are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Applications must be received at least 24 hours in advance of the clinic start dates.

National and International Training Events and Trips

UK Soccer Academy players will have the opportunity to experience optional training camps and tournaments at a host of professional clubs and other venues based both in the UK and abroad. Upon registering for a training camp, you are legally bound to the following terms/conditions & disclaimer:

I hereby certify that I (we) am (are) the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) of the traveller. I (We) hereby give permission for the staff of UK Soccer Academy to seek appropriate medical attention for the traveller and for the medical attention to be given and for the traveller to receive medical attention in the event of accident, injury or illness. I will be responsible for any and all costs of medical attention and treatment.

I/We, our heirs, executors and administrators waive, release and forever discharge UK Soccer Academy and it staff, officers, agents, employees, representatives and successors and assign of and from all rights and claims for damages, injury or loss to person or property which may be sustained or occur during participating in traveller activities or while overseas, whether or not damages, injury or loss is due to negligence.

I/We hereby acknowledge that our child is physically fit and mentally capable of participating in football related activities.

UK Soccer Academy act only as an agent to any owners, suppliers and contractors providing transportation, accommodations and any other services related to this program. The players Legal Guardian, by signing up to the trip, agrees, that UK Soccer Academy shall not become liable or responsible for additional expenses, injury or damage to person or property in connection with any transportation, accommodations, excursions, or any other services resulting directly or indirectly from Acts of God, terrorism, damages incidental to flight, fire, acts of government or other causes beyond the direct control of UK Soccer Academy. All deposits are non-refundable and cancellations up to 2 months prior to the date of departure are non-refundable.

Players playing U14 football and younger at the time of the trip and below must be accompanied by an adult, players U15 and above can travel alone with parental agreement.

All online and credit card bookings will be subject to a 3% transaction charge.

UK Soccer Academy reserves the right to cancel any booking if the correct payment terms and procedures have not been followed by the booker.